Couple Testimonial – Melissa and Joel’s Wedding Photography – A Winter Wedding in Green Bay

One of the best feelings is knowing that our work makes our clients happy.  That our wedding photographs will help bring them back to one of the happiest days in their lives.   When we receive a thank you from our couples, we know that we have made that happen.  This one was from Melissa and Joel’s winter wedding in Green Bay.

“We wanted to let you know how grateful we are for making our wedding day a keepsake forever. The photos are absolutely incredible and we’ll cherish them forever”…. Melissa and Joel

Melissa and Joel's Green Bay Wedding Photography by Brendan Reilly-1141 Wisconsin Wedding Photography

Melissa and Joel's Green Bay Wedding Photography by Brendan Reilly-1682

Melissa and Joel's Green Bay Wedding Photography

Melissa and Joel’s Green Bay Wedding Photography

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October 28, 2015 · 2:12 pm

Stephanie and Andres’s Travel Themed Madison Wedding Photography – Paradise Park – The Legend at Bergamont

If you are from Wisconsin, you know that if anything, the weather is completely unpredictable. Normally, one of the few months you can count on is September. Typically, the weather starts to cool down, the bugs lighten up and it is the perfect time of year to come to be outside. However, this September was an exception. It was very, very hot. However, the weather couldn’t hold back Stephanie and Andres from having their perfect wedding day.

Every detail of Stephanie and Andres’s wedding perfectly fit their travel theme. From the passport style wedding invitations, to their table arrangements at their reception, this wedding was picture perfect.

Stephanie and Andres had a beautiful wedding ceremony at Paradise Park in Cottage Grove. After the ceremony, we had a wonderful time exploring the gardens and getting some beautiful wedding photos.From there, we headed to the Legend at the Bergamot for their wedding reception.

The details that Stephanie and Andres incorporated didn’t stop at their ceremony; they carried stunning details through their wedding reception. From custom made signs, keys for table cards and a travel themed cake, you couldn’t have asked for a more perfect wedding reception.

Their wedding day ended with a rockn’ party. Full of laughs, dancing and fun.

We hope you enjoy looking at their wedding photography as much as we enjoyed making their wedding photos.

Wedding Ceremony Venue: Paradise Park Weddings
Wedding Reception Venue: The Legend at Bergamont
Wedding Tuxes: Nedrebos
Wedding DJ: DJ Aaron Jai
Wedding Gown: Brandi’s Bridal
Wedding Day Transportation: Badger Bus
Wedding Cake:  Craig’s Cake Shop
edding Flowers:  Oregon Floral

Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers Madison Wedding Photographers

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October 27, 2015 · 3:54 pm

Ronnie and Mike’s Madison Wedding Photography – The Press House – The Elks Club

Friends, family, all coming together to celebrate you! What could be better?

Planning a wedding can be stressful. There are so many details that come together to make the day happen. And, you are the center of attention.

Ronnie and Mike took all of the details, the stress, and the attention in stride.

They soaked up the love of their friends and family and had an amazing wedding day!   Ronnie has to be one of the happiest brides I have ever met. Consider yourself lucky if you have a chance to spend time with her, it is impossible not to be happy around Ronnie. Just check out her beautiful smile in her wedding photos.

Mike and Ronnie’s wedding ceremony took place at the lovely Pres House in downtown Madison. From there, we headed to the Wisconsin State Capitol for some iconic Madison wedding photos. Mike and Ronnie’s wedding reception was on the shores of lake Monona at the Elk’s Lodge.   The setting was perfect, and the lakefront lawn made for the perfect spot for beanbag toss.

I hope you enjoy looking at their wedding photos as much as we enjoyed making them. If you’d like to see all of Mike and Ronnie’s wedding Photos, you can see them on our weddings website:…/G00001eHfnCY…/C0000D8xyUXQ60G8

DSC_1308Madison Family Photography DSC_1316Madison Family Photography DSC_1407Madison Family Photography DSC_1613Madison Family Photography DSC_1785Madison Family Photography DSC_1847-EditMadison Family Photography DSC_1926Madison Family Photography DSC_2005-EditMadison Family Photography DSC_2031Madison Family Photography DSC_2046-EditMadison Family Photography MEG_2805Madison Family Photography DSC_2086Madison Family Photography DSC_2140Madison Family Photography DSC_2154Madison Family Photography DSC_2302Madison Family Photography MEG_2899Madison Family Photography DSC_2420Madison Family Photography DSC_2476Madison Family Photography DSC_2510Madison Family Photography DSC_2561Madison Family Photography DSC_2568Madison Family Photography DSC_2657Madison Family Photography DSC_2659Madison Family Photography DSC_2820Madison Family Photography DSC_2855Madison Family Photography DSC_2938Madison Family Photography DSC_2955Madison Family Photography DSC_2981Madison Family Photography DSC_3023Madison Family Photography MEG_3389Madison Family Photography MEG_3443Madison Family Photography DSC_3136Madison Family Photography DSC_3176Madison Family Photography MEG_3499Madison Family Photography DSC_3269Madison Family Photography DSC_3320Madison Family Photography MEG_3579Madison Family Photography DSC_3416Madison Family Photography DSC_3430Madison Family Photography DSC_3441Madison Family Photography DSC_3550Madison Family Photography DSC_3583Madison Family Photography

Wedding Ceremony Venue: The Pres House
Wedding Reception Venue: The Elks Lodge
Wedding Flowers: Hy-Vee Flowers
Wedding DJ: Jukebox Bandstand
Wedding Transportation: Badger Bus
Wedding Cake: Sweet Escapes Cupcakes
Wedding:  Hair and Makeup: Rock N Glam Salon
Wedding Tuxes: The Men’s Wearhouse

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October 15, 2015 · 4:25 pm

Casey and Brandon’s Madison Wedding Phography

What  can I tell you about Casey and Brandon’s Wedding?  They day was perfect.  Casey was stunning and Brandon was looking pretty darn good himself.  They were surrounded by friends and family from near and far.

One of my favorite moments of Casey and Brandon’s wedding was their first look.  Casey and Brandon choose to have a first look at Burke Park.    Brandon arrived first and we got him set up on a beautiful little path that would give Casey and Brandon a bit of privacy for this important moment.  Casey was situated at the other end of the path.  Looking radiant in her wedding gown.   When they came together, you could feel the love and happiness coming from both of them.  Typically in a wedding, the bride is the center of attention.   All eyes are on her.  But, with Casey and Brandon, Casey was blown away by her groom.   Telling him how amazing he looked on his wedding day.   To me, this moment was indicative of Casey and Brandon throughout their wedding day.  They were just so happy together, but so very genuinely appreciative of all of those around them who came to celebrate their wedding day.

After taking a few photos at Burke Park, we headed to the Capitol and captured some wonderful, iconic photos of Casey and Brandon with their wedding party.

Casey and Brandon’s Wedding ceremony took place at the picturesque Paradise Park in Cottage Grove.  From there, we headed to Lake Windsor for an evening of dining and dancing.

When we are behind the lens at a wedding, we never lose sign just exactly what it is we are capturing.  It is the story of love.  Of two people coming together to create their own family.  We always try to honor this very special time.  To capture all of the very important moments without being intrusive.  At the end to leave our couples with beautiful photos that will remind them of their own wedding story.

We wish Casey and Brandon a lifetime of happiness.  It is our hope that their wedding photos will be there to remind them of their wedding day.  The day when they were surrounded by their family and friends, celebrating their love.

Congratulations Casey and Brandon!

Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-50 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-51 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-52 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-53 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-55 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-56 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-57 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-58 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-59 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-60 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-61 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-62 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-63 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-64 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-65 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-66 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-67 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-68 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-69 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-70 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-71 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-72 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-73 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-74 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-75 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-76 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-77 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-78 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-79 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-80 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-81 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-82 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-83 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-84 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-85 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-86 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-87 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-88 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-89 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-90 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-91 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-92 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-93 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-94 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-95 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-96 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-97 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-98 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-99 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-100 Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photographers-101

Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photography

Reilly Images Madison Wedding Photography

Casey and Brandon’s Wedding Vendors

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October 5, 2015 · 1:47 pm

Shannon and TJ’s Madison Wedding Photography

Once again the summer has flown by and we are quickly approaching fall.   Here at Reilly Images Photography, we are still shooting like crazy (fall is the perfect time for engagement and family photos).  But, we are long overdue to get wedding photos out to you!

I am so happy to share with you photos from Shannon and TJ’s Wedding.  Shannon and TJ were a really fun couple to spend the day with. Shannon and TJ got married in July.  They had a beautiful day for a wedding.  The wedding ceremony couldn’t have had a better setting than Olbrich Gardens.  After taking a little photo session in the gardens (we could have gone on and on there, it was so pretty), Gallant Knight took the wedding party to the Hilton Garden Inn for their reception.

We hope you enjoy checking out a little selection of photos from Shannon and TJs Wedding Day.

Know someone getting married next year?  Tell them to check out Reilly Images Photography for their wedding photography!


2015-09-25_0002 2015-09-25_0003 2015-09-25_0004 2015-09-25_0005 2015-09-25_0006 2015-09-25_0007 2015-09-25_0008 2015-09-25_0009 2015-09-25_0010 2015-09-25_0011 2015-09-25_0012 2015-09-25_0013 2015-09-25_0014 2015-09-25_0015 2015-09-25_0016 2015-09-25_0017 2015-09-25_0018 2015-09-25_0019 2015-09-25_0020 2015-09-25_0021 2015-09-25_0022 2015-09-25_0023 2015-09-25_0024 2015-09-25_0025 2015-09-25_0026 2015-09-25_0027 2015-09-25_0028 2015-09-25_0029 2015-09-25_0030 2015-09-25_0031 2015-09-25_0032 2015-09-25_0033 2015-09-25_0034 2015-09-25_0035 2015-09-25_0036

2015-09-25_0038 2015-09-25_0039 2015-09-25_0040

Madison Wedding Photographers

Madison Wedding Photographers

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September 25, 2015 · 6:31 pm

Happy 4th of July from Reilly Images Photography

Happy 4th of July!  Wishing everyone a wonderful holiday.

Fireworks Photography

Fireworks Photography

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